Tweets for 2011-11-25

  • I want a Police retribution album with a cover of "don't stand so close to me" sung by Henry Rollins or Jello Biafra. Internet? Make it so! #
  • "I tell you that I love you, just don't pay me no mind." #
  • Someone just asked what I was fucked up on … just wine and romantic sorrow, my friend, wish it was something else! #
  • @chickgonebad It is a lie, this folly against self in reply to chickgonebad #
  • And then one day
    One magic day

    This he said to me:
    "The greatest thing
    You'll ever learn
    Is just to love and
    Be loved in return" #
  • "When there's a burning in your heart …" #
  • "Thunder only happens when it's raining …" #
  • @chickgonebad Doctor, my eyes cannot see the sky. Is this the price for learning how not to cry? in reply to chickgonebad #
  • Sometimes I wish I didn't know how to cry. #
  • See? See? _Now_ I'm fucked up enough to make it through the night! But now it's time to go to bed … #
  • @qikipedia "Woking Crematorium" is rather a disturbing image in reply to qikipedia #
  • RT @sicktanick I got one of my tracks featured on a upcoming compilation called Magick, Music and Ritual 1 put together by @hermeticlibrary in reply to sicktanick #
  • RT @sicktanick So if you can, go pre-order it, check it out! I also mastered this project! great stuff! in reply to sicktanick #
  • @sicktanick Check out the frames at Moscot for awesome retro looks! I love Moscot. in reply to sicktanick #
  • Huh, in other news, I'm now a music producer #
  • I need to watch Runaways and Almost Famous again to get my music producer patter all authentic-like … #
  • This is new web 3.0 feature where a tweet auto-verifies itself in reality: #
  • Friendship Dignity Respect #
  • That's a mighty big booger! #