It’s what happens

I read a tweet that said, “Loneliness is what happens when you don’t let people in.”

Well, fuck and shit. That’s like saying to someone who’s dying, “Death is what happens when you stop breathing.” Yes, it seems actually true in a particular and peculiar kind of way; but, it’s also fucking stupid and shitty to say. It’s as fucking cruel and shallow and mistaken and oblivious and misguided and possibly dangerous and shitty as people who tell a homeless person they really know nothing about to “get a job.” Not only does it not do anything whatsoever to help, it’s quite simply a fucking shitty thing to say.

When I let people in, if I manage some form of success doing it at all even when I do try, they hurt me, or I hurt them; or more likely both.

So, fuck you, trite and simplistic statement. Just, fuck off and die!