Tweets for 2012-01-13

  • OH at the corner shop: "I'd like to turn in this resumé." "Great, I'll overlook this and give you a call if I want to see you again." O.o #
  • @kimcascone I totally read that as "John Bell in a cage" and wondered what I'd gone and done _this_ time! #
  • Thanks! RT @sicktanick: #FF The Brethren – 93's & 418 – @hermeticlibrary @jgbell #
  • Parliament of Owls Original Watercolor by meinoel #
  • @chickgonebad Sanitize the Stoppage! in reply to chickgonebad #
  • Seriously, Minecraft is now localized to Quenya, tlhIngan Hol, & Pirate … not Latin or Esperanto? Not Scots, Scots Gaelic or Irish either! #