Tweets for 2012-02-15

  • @openbuddha A former partner didn't believe me about it. She said, "But my father doesn't clip ear and nose hair!" I made her check. He did. in reply to openbuddha #
  • @openbuddha These are mysteries that require initiation … or, you know, embarrassment. in reply to openbuddha #
  • "But, why can't we go to the park?" "Alfie, you know you can't go to the park when you've been transformed by an Egyptian curse!" #
  • Every time I think I'm over Glee, I end up re-watching season 2's Britney/Brittany and fall in love again. At least 10 times now … #
  • I'm afraid Glee's Britney/Brittany episode reveals something profound about my personality. #
  • Very seriously silly! RT @openbuddha: Towers of Catan! #