Tweets for 2012-03-12

  • @essrose Except it's "Marley" so any mystic effect "may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese …" in reply to essrose #
  • Every ebook ecosystem needs a mechanism to tag and report spelling and formatting errors. The lack of this is an epic design failure. #
  • Last night, had intense dream I went back to school for something that combined library science and monomolecular fibers. Nanobookbinding? #
  • People say "battery life" when they mean "battery charge" but there really is a "battery life" so I end up wondering if they really mean it #
  • "dramatically decreases battery life" makes me think they mean reduces the useful life and number of possible recharges vs draining charge #
  • @tomcoates I thought it made some interesting subtle statements about environmentalism, imperialism, and geopolitics, especially Americas in reply to tomcoates #
  • @tomcoates But, I agree it was fun. For me, there were some great laughs, some stand out moments, and it was solid entertainment. in reply to tomcoates #
  • The most unexpected take away from John Carter for me was a nagging sadness at never getting to see James Purefoy's Solomon Kane. #