Tweets for 2012-03-30

  • Holy crap! The Hunger Games was actually really good and now I feel very cheated by the movie. Completely different in essential ways. #
  • One difference b/w book & movie Hunger Games? The reader is The Capitol, audience, complicit in the injustice & voyeurs to the carnage. #
  • Biggest difference? The radical and intentional resistance and deconstruction of inequality, injustice, war, violence and culture was lost #
  • In miniature, b/w movie and book: mocking jay pin becomes accidental find, almost aside, instead of a potent & desperate icon of resistance #
  • Another? Movie essentially ends focused on ass of the patriarchy, angry paternal father. Book ends with thoughts & emotions of the heroine. #
  • Like Silence of the Lambs, the horror is that the most horrible part isn't carnage, but the emotional and personal struggle of the heroine #
  • And yet, it is as if the movie completely flipped the focus onto the carnage and the story of the oppressor, the movie got the story wrong #
  • @nedroid We're in Portland these days … Nobody goes to Seattle any more. It's too popular. in reply to nedroid #