Tweets for 2012-04-19

  • "The Iron Lady" is a good film, so kudos to the cast and crew, especially Meryl Streep and Jim Broadbent, but … #
  • "The Iron Lady" spends 1/2 the film dramatizing dementia to make global, social, interpersonal, personal brutality -almost- sympathetic #
  • … Perhaps a word of wisdom to those is power: PTSD does not excuse revenge, bloodletting or impervious self-righteousness #
  • But, I draw short of criticizing immutable self consistency in the face & in spite of sad consequences, lest I wound myself in the crossfire #
  • @Quadrivii I really appreciate appreciation, but honestly I've not been holding your hand so much as trying to give you tools to self help in reply to Quadrivii #
  • @chickgonebad gods know I've had times when I couldn't manage to be fully conscious, but I've also luckily never wielded a standing army … in reply to chickgonebad #
  • @Quadrivii Ha! Yeah, there is that. But, breaking things is part of the Way of Hacking … it's just the putting back together that eludes. in reply to Quadrivii #