Tweets for 2012-04-28

  • Travel cat doesn't like travel so much as he has a luggage fetish … #
  • "Sure they're small, but beware a pack of free-range chihuahuas. They're like … Land piraña!" #
  • "So, who would win a battle between a pack of velociraptors & a pack of chihuahuas?" "I don't know, man. I don't know … It'd be bloody!" #
  • It's probably a good thing I wasn't just now able to find that old comment someone left to which I was peculiarly compelled to retro-snark #
  • @David_Raffin Insurance is an expensive ameliorative snake-oil applied to salve a chronic symptom of wider congenital disease in the system in reply to David_Raffin #
  • @Quadrivii That's my cat, Mayday. ;) And, I did indeed get the oil samples, safe & sound. in reply to Quadrivii #