Tweets for 2012-05-17

  • Austerity is a nutshell: Imagine we have 1000 nuts, but since they are imaginary you can't rationally expect to have any, can you? #
  • But the thing about imaginary nuts is, no one needs any at all really and besides everyone can have as many as they want. #
  • Oh, but these? These are magic imaginary nuts! Apparently those who have hordes more imaginary nuts are morally superior. #
  • @David_Raffin Proportional representation would really help more parties to the table. And I want something like Prime Minister's Questions. in reply to David_Raffin #
  • Some damned surreal conversations today at hospital. Existential and surreal. And, you know … Most of all sad. #
  • @Quadrivii Yeah. Hospital. I suppose these conversations would be even more surreal and existential if they were in a hotel though. in reply to Quadrivii #
  • @quadrivii Than again, I think I have seen that movie … #