Tweets for 2012-07-28

  • Don't know why any lewdies would viddy the bezoomy Propagandolympics when @warrenellis govoreets such choodessny, dorogoy raskazz slovos! #
  • Cloud Atlas looks like the Matrix sequel the Matrix sequels could have been Matrix+Myst+Mindwalk+Fifth Element+Akira … #
  • @lilithsaintcrow Chop wood, carry water! Or; hack words, microclimate generator! in reply to lilithsaintcrow #
  • @chickgonebad
    Touch rolex, wave; Touch rolex, wave! in reply to chickgonebad #
  • @nedroid Wait, what was that about Boo-Boo's tits? @joshpm in reply to nedroid #
  • @sicktanick Actually, could easily be seen as another incident in the long history of "peasant revolt" in reply to sicktanick #
  • @sicktanick Ah! Got ya. Yeah, seems like people don't know much of the "people's" history … and people aren't supposed to know it! in reply to sicktanick #
  • If Mac OS X's dashboard doesn't become an iOS emulator, it should go the heck away. But, if one could run one's iOS apps on it, awesome! #
  • Ooo! Apple invests in Twitter and puts a nifty spatial retro cartoon skeuomorphic map UI on it and call it … eWorld! Or MagicCap? #
  • @jgbell Or, Game Center enable it and call it The Sierra / ImagiNation Network? in reply to jgbell #
  • @rstevens It is kinda ridiculous how amusing a weighted, bouncy, red rubber robot is … I want a Sony style video of them invading! #
  • Listening to Law & Auder's Step Into Dubzim compilation #
  • Oh, good. Now I can drink Mountain Dew again, since it's totally safe and does not actually glow #