Tweets for 2012-08-18

  • @Roscopeeko77 Only if it also starred Nick Cage … and was a biopic of Warren Zevon @warrenellis in reply to Roscopeeko77 #
  • @Roscopeeko77 Um … somehow that reply was to a different thing … I don't know how that happened. I blame Philip K Dick. @warrenellis in reply to Roscopeeko77 #
  • Huh. Seems the iPad Mini/Air may have the same resolution as the iPad1/iPad2 at 1024×768 just denser #
  • @jgbell Well, that makes so much sense. Anything designed for iPad1/iPad2 is then designed already for iPad Mini/Air in reply to jgbell #
  • @ursonate A large number of vendors at the Portland Zine Expo used iPads as displays at their tables … mainly slideshows not interactive in reply to ursonate #
  • @sicktanick I … can barely … No, didn't watch any Olympics. Won't start now. But, gadzooks … in reply to sicktanick #
  • @sicktanick Y'know: there's now some insane person ROYALLY PISSED that OTO spent money on London Olympics but won't keep books in print … #
  • Trogloraptor ? He is our hero ? Trogloraptor ? Get rid of Trogloraptor ? Step on Trogloraptor ? We love you Trogloraptor ? #