Tweets for 2012-08-28

  • ? Kitty on catnip ? and I don't care! ? OW! Okay, I care, I care! Damn, kitty! #
  • So, Amazon Kindle Touch goes out of stock and the home page is a Bezos letter about how great Prime is, and remains just X dollars a year … #
  • Yes, the Time Special issue "The Hidden World of Secret Societies" is exactly as atrociously bad as you might imagine, if you wondered. #
  • @MMFlint Giant RAINBOW uterus, I've heard tell. in reply to MMFlint #
  • @maximus_freeman Sounds like the beginnings of a Heinlein bucket list! "Specialization is for insects." in reply to maximus_freeman #
  • "We're not vermin. We're not creeps. And we're not pests. We're Borrowers." #
  • "Whoa, whoa! The fight's fucking over, OK? I hit you, like, 10 times." "What are you talking about? You hit me once!" #
  • "I've got a magical cloak of protection. It's like armour!" "My magical sword killed you. Ref! Just give me back the fucking crown, OK?" #
  • The Wild Hunt is a funny & creepy LARP of the Flies indie flick #