Tweets for 2012-09-05

  • I just saw a decent sized turtle walking along the gutter … no any obvious mutant super powers, as far as I could tell. #
  • You guys, I'm holding a regular Barq's root beer that says it has "no caffeine" in it. Did I make a wrong turn and end up in Utah?! #
  • @publichistorian Barq's is that exception to "almost never" as it has bite, they say. Except in Utah where they make it without: Mormons. in reply to publichistorian #
  • @publichistorian I mean … that's like a library with no patrons. Nothing to get the circulation going … um, except sugar. in reply to publichistorian #
  • Okay something … strange is going on when both XKCD and Diesel Sweeties are talking about dinosaurs. Beware feathers and avoid the poop! #
  • Travis Pitts' We Got Some Work To Do Now spiffy tshirt is on special at $9.99 #
  • *gasp* My wheelbarrow has no cigarette lighter! MT @MaddowBlog: Reps note the Dem platform contains no mention of God. #
  • @LittleDeathBlog You clearly have not met my imaginary wheelbarrow or his equally imaginary nemesis the cigarette lighter. in reply to LittleDeathBlog #
  • "My life is weird." #