Tweets for 2012-09-14

  • Portland peeps! Friday night is XOXO Fringe‘s arcade, a free-to-the-public event starting at 7PM at Union/Pine #
  • Deadpool vs Gangnam Style #
  • Listening to We Are Like the Spider & Soren Vinson track Born of the Sun #
  • @GooglePlaces Your darned unsubscribe is broken. goes to Denver now, and hasn't worked at all to get off the elist #
  • Hangin' at the airport, thinking I am surrounded by people nothing like me, then I hear Warren Zevon from somewhere … #
  • Follow the rabbit, if you can … #
  • Finally found some freaks like me, but turns out they are tourists from Germany. Coulda predicted that. They're everywhere I go, somehow. #