No cash accepted here

There is a Sinclair gas station in Butte, MT that will not accept cash for gas. They will accept credit cards, but not legal tender. They will not accept the coin of the realm for the goods they sell.

Melting coins, a traditional American past-time

Via Fark, “Mint bans melting pennies and nickels for profit,”

The U.S. Mint has implemented a rule against melting down pennies and nickels which, at current metal prices, could be worth more as metal than as currency.

From a page right out of the history books, it used to be not uncommon for people to melt down coin when we were on a gold and/or silver standard. People could also bring metal in to have it minted when the coin was worth more than the metal. So, suddenly, we’ve come full circle through fiat back to melting down coins again. Only this time, it’s illegal, in spite of the fact that its a traditional American value, melting coins.

Ambient sound found in Pompeii pottery?

Via Digg, “Archaeologists get ancient audio from grooves on Pompeii pottery

This seems unreal. I watching MirrorMask on DVD, which is, well, City of Lost Children on acid, and there seems to have been a leak of the surreal. Is this for real?

Finding audio in the incidentally disturbed groves in pottery made hundreds, if not thousands of years ago … what if someone where able to recover the sounds of ancient egyptian being spoken, since we do not know what it sounded like?

This seems like a most amazing breakthrough. The video at the source site is all in French, but there’s a sample of the recovered audio …

Ah, not real, apparently. What a brilliant hoax. It was an april fools for Belgian TV, it seems. It’s the new War of the Worlds. Well done!

Such a small thing, but I don’t think I ever in my life expected to hear Pink Floyd piped over a grocery store speaker …