A history of the wife

Yalom, M. (2002). A history of the wife. Perennial.

I don’t know how to reconcile my dream of being married with the horror story of what it is to be a wife. I think the vision of my vows as the pledge of an intimate witness and equal partner could be part of that. But how do I reconcile the notion of having things be for as long as love lasts and the desire, deep desire, to have a life long companion?

Childhood Memories

Anderson, C. (2007). Childhood Memories. Acorn Guild Press.

Via Acorn Guild Press, Cora Anderson’s “Childhood Memories” is finally available in a cloth-bound, limited first edition:

Through sharing personal narrative and spiritual insight, Cora Anderson, the foremost teacher of the Feri/Faery Tradition, takes us on a journey from her impoverished childhood in rural Alabama to her marriage to the blind poet and shaman Victor H. Anderson.

During their 57-year marriage, the Andersons developed a vibrant Craft tradition that has touched countless lives. This warm, intimate, and sometimes humorous memoir takes us into the world of a true American hill Witch. Included are some of Cora’s recipes, personal spells, and all of her poetry.

Acorn Guild Press has had this book on their website as coming soon for so long, I almost thought it was never coming. Only 600 are being run, but hopefully they will re-issue the book again. Of course, the special edition would be a nice addition to anyone’s library, I think.