Chaise, n. – chair; also, a horse-drawn carriage for one or two people; but, can also be used as a metonymy to represent a role or authority held in a hierarchy, interchangeably with simply using “chair,” “throne,” etc … The use of this term seems to imply an honorary or ornamental position as in a position of leadership in a social group, not necessarily utilitarian as in the chair of a legislative committee.


RIYL (or, RIYD), acronym. “Recommended If You Like,” or “Recommended If You Dig.” Found on promo stickers affixed to CDs discarded by KAOS. [see, et]


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A tumblelog is a variation of a blog, that favors short-form, mixed-media posts over the longer editorial posts frequently associated with blogging. Common post formats found on tumblelogs include links, photos, quotes, dialogues, and video. Unlike blogs, this format is frequently used to share the author’s creations, discoveries, or experiences without providing a commentary.

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Nostalgie de la Boue

Nostalgie de la Boue, n. From French, literally “nostaglia for mud” and means a longing for depravity.

This is a good summary of the theme of the Hellraiser movies which show that people ask to be destroyed, but when they begin to get cold feet there’s the Cenobites to force them the last step through the threshold. It was after watching “Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth” that I started to call what I’d observed around me as a “culture of corruption” in the mid to late 90’s. So many people running as fast as they could toward events and situations that fulfilled their own self-hatred …

In the third movie, Pinhead is standing in a desecrated church and asks one of the humans, something like, “Why are you resisting? This is what you wanted!” And, my immediate response was, “No, it isn’t.” So, I got up and walked out of the cinema.


Treacher, n. A person who betrays a trust. How can there be betrayal without a betrayer? So many treachers in office, the term should be revived for their infamy. [via]


Succession, n. a process where waste from one stage of decomposition becomes food for the next.

Via Boing Boing: Video of decomposing piglets:

Succession is the idea that as each organism or group of organisms feeds on a body, it changes the body. This change in turn makes the body attractive to another group of organisms, which changes the body for the next group, and so on until the body has been reduced to a skeleton.



Substantivate, v. To make an adjective into a noun. [ via ]

But, as a noun, the word suggests the state of being, or the group that is, firmly real, and therefore important and meaningful.


Mast, v. To produce a larger amount of offspring than expected, as a way to increase the chance of offspring survival against a likely steady predator population.

Via “Nobel Intent: Squirrels breed for the future,”

One strategy that trees have evolved is called “masting,” and involves the synchronized production of excess seeds. Because the predator population should be reasonably constant, a sudden burst of seeds should swamp the population of whatever might eat them, allowing more seeds to successfully start a new generation. By the time a predator breeds in response to the excess food, the seeds are gone, and the new offspring will be threatened with starvation.


Fukubukuro, n. [Japanese] “Lucky Bag”

Via Infinite Loop: Fukubukuro offered at Japan Apple Stores,

“In past years, Apple has participated in a Japanese mercantile tradition of offering Fukubukuro, or “Lucky Bags,” to customers in its retail stores in hopes of bringing in more sales. In Apple’s case, this would be a grab bag of some sort filled with stuff that the customer can’t see, but sold at about half the value of the contents inside.”


A chyron is an electronic caption added to the image on television or movie screens, from the trademark and name of the company Chyron that made the devices. [via] [Used in the scripts of Sports Night]