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Tweets for 2012-09-18

  • Yesnah! Nahes! Of coursn't! Undoubtossibly! Why do you ask? #
  • Iä Cthulhu! Your argument is invalid. #
  • "Who's turn is it?" "Mi-Go!" #cthulhu #fluxx #
  • Liar! Liar! Ectoplasm on fire! #
  • "Huh, well, we could have won, or we could have lost." "At least we're narrowing it down!" #
  • "I play the cat." "No, in #cthulhu #fluxx the cat plays you." #

Tweets for 2012-09-17

  • No, you can't turn left on Republican St. #
  • You guys! There is a captive woman in a box outside my motel serving vile black liquids to travelers whilst wearing lingerie! #
  • I fear for our children and the empire when such satanic black magic is allowed on the streets, in public places. #
  • In my day, and the days of my father, we went to neighborhood temples to drink the secretions of topless split-tail mermaids. #
  • I fear for these times and these morals, when simple and honoured traditions are so thoroughly forgotten. #
  • Return to the old ways! Drink your vile libations locally from topless mermaids as the gods intended, not from clothed captives in boxes! #
  • @xeni @boingboing Minimalism is good, but I protest the prejudice against kink. Don't fix what isn't broken. Rather indulge and enjoy! in reply to xeni #
  • Nice to see the old ways are still practiced in the sacred precinct of Pioneer Square. Restore the temple of #
  • Okay, now: does anyone remember the exact location of the mortuary temple of Dixie Lee Ray so can go desecrate it? #
  • @sicktanick Apparently, King Tut's swag is in town … Amtrak is now at King "Tut" Street Station … in reply to sicktanick #
  • "like cows letting their shit fall in a meadow" #
  • "Because God loves exclamation points like he despises abiogenesis." #
  • "We must all ask, sometime or another, what price bliss?" #
  • "brains of synaesthetes might suggest 'the neural basis of metaphor' itself" #
  • "I was NOT asleep. I was thinking. … obviously no well-trained classicist EVER goes to sleep in a public place" #
  • "making a pilgrimage to Neil's place to be covered in frosting by roller derby girls was just too awesome" #
  • "deluded kooks make for a better train wreck" #
  • Amtrak dining car announcer: "If I had 100 tables, I could seat everyone at their own. I don't. Limited seating means community seating." #

Tweets for 2012-09-16

  • You guys, this is bizarre. It is sunny and warm in Seattle but I'm wearing a sweater because it's freakin' cold! #
  • You know they renamed the Center House farther back to the Armory so they wouldn't get nagged about bringing back the Bubblevator, right? #

Tweets for 2012-09-14

  • Portland peeps! Friday night is XOXO Fringe‘s arcade, a free-to-the-public event starting at 7PM at Union/Pine #
  • Deadpool vs Gangnam Style #
  • Listening to We Are Like the Spider & Soren Vinson track Born of the Sun #
  • @GooglePlaces Your darned unsubscribe is broken. goes to Denver now, and hasn't worked at all to get off the elist #
  • Hangin' at the airport, thinking I am surrounded by people nothing like me, then I hear Warren Zevon from somewhere … #
  • Follow the rabbit, if you can … #
  • Finally found some freaks like me, but turns out they are tourists from Germany. Coulda predicted that. They're everywhere I go, somehow. #

Tweets for 2012-09-12

  • All of Fringe season 1, I was leaning toward it being a kind of take on X-Files; first episode of season 2, I'm suddenly: Buckaroo Bonzai! #
  • "There really isn't a point where things can't get weirder is there?" #
  • Moms kitty managed to catch a completely yellow parakeet and was munching on it just now. Silly bird landing behind enemy lines! Bad intel? #

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Tweets for 2012-09-05

  • I just saw a decent sized turtle walking along the gutter … no any obvious mutant super powers, as far as I could tell. #
  • You guys, I'm holding a regular Barq's root beer that says it has "no caffeine" in it. Did I make a wrong turn and end up in Utah?! #
  • @publichistorian Barq's is that exception to "almost never" as it has bite, they say. Except in Utah where they make it without: Mormons. in reply to publichistorian #
  • @publichistorian I mean … that's like a library with no patrons. Nothing to get the circulation going … um, except sugar. in reply to publichistorian #
  • Okay something … strange is going on when both XKCD and Diesel Sweeties are talking about dinosaurs. Beware feathers and avoid the poop! #
  • Travis Pitts' We Got Some Work To Do Now spiffy tshirt is on special at $9.99 #
  • *gasp* My wheelbarrow has no cigarette lighter! MT @MaddowBlog: Reps note the Dem platform contains no mention of God. #
  • @LittleDeathBlog You clearly have not met my imaginary wheelbarrow or his equally imaginary nemesis the cigarette lighter. in reply to LittleDeathBlog #
  • "My life is weird." #

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Tweets for 2012-08-31

  • This shit just got surreal, folks. Or, surly. But, don't call me Shirley. #
  • "You violated the laws of physics, Mr. Eastwick, and Mother Nature is a bitch." #
  • The vile tentacle party is complete! All six issues of Alexovich and Rausch's Eldritch! are available #

Tweets for 2012-08-30

  • "What the hell is fish sauce, and why does it taste like death?" #
  • O M G Just look at this 1938 Phantom Corsair #
  • "a great Eye, lidless, wreathed in flame" #
  • What's this? YFrog Social, you say? "clean, private and ad-free" they say … Clean? Design-wise, perhaps? #
  • So basically w/ twitter tightening, every previously linked service is going to end up w/ a Balkanized social experience … #
  • Basically, back to the early Internet, eventually to devolve to pre-Internet with Compuserve, GEnie, Prodigy, Delphi maybe an eWorld … #
  • "As magicians we seek to improve ourselves, & just-world is a bias that that we should seek to counter at every turn." #
  • Le gató #
  • @unknownbinaries Concrescent Letters? in reply to unknownbinaries #