For me, superstition is not characterized by choosing one metaphor over another labeled wrong, but rather in mistaking perception and metaphor for an objective reality; and to banish superstition is to realize this: that truth is never without subjectivity because any truth understood by a mind is conditioned by the limitations of mind, that metaphors and perceptions are tools of mind to understand facets of greater things beyond and bigger than the simple and flimsy container of comprehension. While I do really like my hammer, and it has served me well on many an occasion; it is merely one tool in my toolbox. While I treat my tools with respect, I do not worship my hammer or mistake it for the things I can build while using it, nor do I mistake my hammer as universally useful for all tasks no matter how handy and at hand it seems. Further, although I have a hammer, I try not to seek out only nails, rejecting all other methods of construction, but, and because, I rather enjoy the opportunity to use a screwdriver once in a while too. I recognize that I am enamoured with the possibility that what I think of as my tools have agency, and that I’m actually in relationship with them, but recognize this is also another metaphor. Finally, sometimes I like to try the ecstatic experience of working without tools, and instead rely on my own hands to shape and mould, though I recognize that even still my body is a kind of tool, perhaps even metaphor, perhaps with its own agency, of mind, but that there is a kind of noesis available through the personal and close acts of crafting and creating which is to be enjoyed for its own sake without hammers at all.

The three stages of lamer ideation

The Three Stages of Lamer Ideation


1. Emphatically Ridicule

“That’s the stupidest idea ever. Where did you get that idea from?”


2. Secretly Internalize



3. Claim Credit

“You know, I’ve always said …”


B: Huh. Interesting idea. And, who’s idea is this that you’re taking credit for now?

A & B: …

B: Oh, right. That would be my idea.

A & B: …

B: Oops. Did I look behind the curtain again?

the information being presented

The material represents a diversity of ideas spread across time, culture and tradition. It is better to present these ideas without hiding them in order to get a better understanding of them. Sometimes this better understanding means also taking into account cultural contexts of where and when and by whom these ideas appear.

So, it is possible to find something on my site which can offend just about anyone. However, I do endeavor to present information that we deem to have redeeming value within the overall theme of the site for the student or researcher. Which is to say that I do not present information with the intention to offend, but that some information I present as important within the scope of the site may offend some.

It can sometimes be hard for people to understand that presenting information does not imply advocacy for that idea. So, to be clear: the opinions and, yes, sometimes even the facts presented on the site do not necessarily represent the opinions of either myself or maybe even anyone but the original author. On the other hand, maybe it does. One of the purposes of the site is to advocate that the information I present is accessible, and to that end I try not to editorialize over or obscure the original information.

I read banned books. I believe in open access to information. I celebrate ideas, even those with which I disagree. I hope to challenge but it is not my aim to offend. Sometimes that just happens, and usually says more about the person that is offended than it does about the information being presented.


I think it is possible to mistake for success a process that devours a plentiful resource, and fail to realize that as unsustainable. Also, there are inevitable side-effects and unintended consequences which can be attributed to that mistaken success, not the least of which is a serious lowering of expectations on what constitutes success in order to maintain self-deception past a point when cracks begin to appear in the edifices of a life that is heading toward catastrophic failure. I don’t mean to be rude, but I merely have to look at your teeth to know that there is something seriously damaging about your lifestyle.


And that’s why I guess I’ll wait with baited breath for your stream of status updates in response with passive-aggressive quotes trying on various rationalizations and excuses in other threads and venues, hoping one will stick. But what you’ll no doubt fail to realize is that no matter how you dismiss any criticism, it is the pattern of your behavior which will remain unaltered. In fact, your very struggles to dismiss and minimize critique is part of the pattern, your well rehearsed techniques of propagandizing against anyone that gets in the way of your ego.


Having worn out your welcome under your own name
You stumbled on the perfect sleight of hand
Pulled from the secret treasure of Templars
You use the decapitated head of the prophet as a puppet
To twist his words into a proof confirming your bias
You hide behind his persona as if a mask
In order to puke out your personal agenda
And promote your own ego-stroking pet projects
like a priest of ancient Egypt shouting into a funnel
To echo through the temple you conspire to fool people
Into accepting your self-serving pronouncements
Words have real meanings so you chose them carefully
Intent on mixing a new potion to turn gold into lead
Misleading and manipulative, you manage to fool many
But there are some somewhere that see through you
And can resist your subterfuge and glory seeking
Usurpation is your middle name
Self and promotion are the first and last
But the pyramid isn’t where you’ll be buried
And the hieroglyphics of your real name will fade
All your hard fought narcissism and sociopathy
Forgotten by everyone and not recorded in history

I used to think you were evil

B: I used to think you were evil …

A & B: …

B: Now I know you’re just ridiculous. That’s when I got bored of dealing with you, because it no longer had any urgency.

A: Coming from you … that criticism is surreal. It’s like you don’t recognize your own reflection in the mirror.

A & B: …

B: I’ve just realized that you’re a new kind of vampire, the one that sucks the joy out of any room and kills the reason for being there.