wanderlust and nesting

I travelled a lot when i was young

one time when i travelled to the airport, i realized in just the distance to the airport was further than most people historically travelled

but really? Is that true? So many of the people in my personal family history travelled a great deal. There were many hops across the pond, and many moves.

Maybe the truth of history is that the period of sedentary humans is the aberration. Take the recent discovery of stone tools on crete …

I don’t actually understand life without travel

my bothers have already travelled more than i have

i had a partner that had never left the state in which she lived. So i immediately arranged a road trip. But i did leave her behind when i went on my first trip across the pond.

But, as much as I’ve travelled, i realize that i also desperately need a nest. Not because of. Not in spite of. But rather a strong internal dichotomy, like the tension between thanatos and eros.

the walkabout, Agutter, the idea that one just needs to get out and travel

i get the itch if i don’t travel somewhere each year. Had thought about alternating years where one year was a road trip somewhere in the US and the next year was for international travel.

Living in the same place is not something I’m actually used to. After 10 years, i seem to get the almost overwhelming need to move on somewhere new. Sometimes that’s voluntary and other times the situation conspires to make it so.

Jung in Ireland in Mar-Apr

Oh, if only I could attend the Ninth Annual: Jung In Ireland being offered through the New York Center for Jungian Studies.

“Ninth Annual: Jung In Ireland
We invite you to join our distinguished and dynamic faculty this spring as we immerse ourselves in the idea of C.G. Jung and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Open to individuals from all fields, including mental health professionals.

March 26-April 2, 2009
The Archetype of Home
This unique program combines presentations, workshops, dialogue and meeting state dignitaries, with ample time for sightseeing, optional excursions and sampling local pubs, restaurants, and traditional Irish music.

April 19-26, 2009
Ireland’s Sacred Landscape: A Study/Tour in Irish Myth and Legend
Known for its breathtaking landscapes, County Donegal is the largest ‘Gaeltacht’ (Irish speaking) region in all of Ireland and contains an extraordinary number of ancient monuments and pre-historic sites. With its spectacular towering cliffs, deserted golden beaches and rugged coastline, County Donegal is considered to be a mirror image of Ireland herself.”

Combined, that’s a month in Ireland immersed in Jungian studies with unstructured time in there for shenanigans … Oh, be still my fluttering heart! I think I need to start buying lottery tickets. The place, the genre and the topics are all of interest to me, for sure. A week long seminar about the archetype of home and then a week long study-tour about myth and landscape? In Ireland, on the west coast, staying in a manor house … and, in the Donegal Gaeltacht? Maybe there’d be a way to work in an Irish language immersion in there too …

Myth, Landscape, Language, Jungian Psychology … and Travel, oh, my!

I had to laugh a little at the special free gift of a single issue of Spring Journal when you register. Now, not to diss the journal, but that gift is a wee bit disproportionate to the cost of registration; just sayin’ … at least the issue is relevant to the topics of the event, I suppose.

Ryanair soon transatlantic

Via the CBC:

Budget airline Ryanair is aiming to send travellers from Europe to North America for as little as $12 US, the chief executive of the Dublin-based company has announced.

It’s a damned crazy thing. When I was planning to travel in Ireland, I was able to purchase a one-way flight from Ireland to the UK for 1 euro. I also would have gotten off super cheap flying into Ireland, but I missed my plane and had to pay extra.

Other than that hiccup, everything went great. So, as long as you don’t miss your flight …

And, now they’re heading to the states? That’s just freakin’ awesome! But, I honestly don’t know how they survive.

Signature cocktail while you’re on hold, sir?

I was on hold to talk to someone at a major airline because I wanted to clarify flight times for a flight I need to meet at SEA. While on hold, I was told the wonderful news that ths airline would now be servicing Dubai and other international destinations out of New York.

… and, I was encouraged to try their new signature dirty martini in flight.

First off, I don’t ever expect to be in Dubai, even if I were invited to go. Second, I think they were all off enjoying a signature cocktail because no one bothered to take my call before I gave up waiting.

Third, is it just me, or is it strange that not only they were advertizing alcoholic beverages with their hold music, but that they were excited about offering a dirty martini?

Being sloppy with olive juice is so … exotic.