The Gospel of Tree Bark

Please consider checking out, and supporting, Anna Fritz‘s kickstarter campaign to release a new album, The Gospel of Tree Bark. Anna Fritz’s Wake was totally and phenomenally awesome. Send her all your money.



“Most of the songs that will be on this record were written in an old growth forest in southern Oregon where I holed up for a couple weeks last year. But really, this album has been a very long time in the making. I haven’t released a solo album since my first (Wake) in 2005. My creative energy has fueled many other projects in the last seven years while these songs have been waiting for their moment. And now is the time!” [via]



“Say Hello to the Songs!

Well, assuming you watched the video, you’ve heard the title track already, but let me introduce you to everybody else:

  • Breath and Bone is a song that asks what we’ve lost as we’ve given our lives over to our techno-gadgets.
  • Mean Mind is about joining the ranks of creative women who have struggled through the ages to carve out a place for their work. It moves back and forth between blues and classical melodies.
  • TransMan is a funky, sexy, frustrated song about loving someone who’s transgender.
  • On Wisconsin was inspired by the massive protests in Madison, Wisconsin in early 2011 in response to the governor’s effort to crush public unions. It’s a bluegrass tune.
  • The Gift is the most recently written song on the record. It’s about having a body. Learning to love it, appreciate it, use it.
  • Water is Wide uses the melody and chorus from a 17th century English ballad. My version tells the story of a person finding their way to their true gender identity.
  • Jess’ Song This is a straight up love song, y’all.
  • Caleb Meyer is actually a cover of a Gillian Welch tune. This one has called to me for years. As a pacifist, it’s pretty intense to sing a song about murder in self-defense. And the cello really lends itself to such material.
  • Into the Fire is a prayer in the form of music with tons of vocal harmonies.” [via]


KickstarterVideo from Anna Fritz on Vimeo.

Walking Home at Waypost on May 1st at 8:30pm

Walking Home is going to be playing on May Day at Waypost. So that’s May 1st at 8:30pm. And, it’s all ages, but there’s wine and food.

Anna Fritz and Sami Kushnick are happy to announce that we’ll be playing a show as Walking Home, our cello-playing, songwriting, folk-singing duo, at the:
3120 N Williams
Friday, May 1st
8:30 pm
The Waypost is a sweet little spot with yummy soups, sandwiches, beer and wine. The show is all ages, and the door charge is on a sliding scale, $5-12 suggested donation.

Walking Home at Madonnathon on Feb 26th at 7pm

Anna Fritz sent out an e-mail today about two shows that Walking Home will be playing as part of a benefit for In Other Words at Hollywood Theatre on Thu, Feb 26th at 7pm. There’s also a show at In Other Words the next day.

In Other Words says, “Madonna covers all night long, so get your costume on!”

Thursday Feb. 26th
Madonnathon (a benefit for In Other Words)
at the Hollywood Theater
4122 NE Sandy Blvd.
all ages
Walking Home (Anna and Sami – 2 cellos, 2 voices) doing a Madonna cover along with CJ and the Dolls, Kate Mann, Felina’s Arrow, Terri Untalan, and many others evoking their own Madonna magic.

Friday Feb. 27th
Luna Music Series
at In Other Words
8 NE Killingsworth
$? donations I think?
all ages
Walking Home will be splitting the bill with The Shook Twins and The Catch.

Also, don’t forget Portland Cello Project is doing a marathon of shows at Mississippi.