I think it is possible to mistake for success a process that devours a plentiful resource, and fail to realize that as unsustainable. Also, there are inevitable side-effects and unintended consequences which can be attributed to that mistaken success, not the least of which is a serious lowering of expectations on what constitutes success in order to maintain self-deception past a point when cracks begin to appear in the edifices of a life that is heading toward catastrophic failure. I don’t mean to be rude, but I merely have to look at your teeth to know that there is something seriously damaging about your lifestyle.

tEEth at On the Boards in Seattle on Feb 12-14th at 8pm


tEEth will be performing the world premiere of Grub in Seattle at On the Boards from Feb 12th – 14th. Tickets are $18. From the e-mail announcement:

We hope you will join us in Seattle at On the Boards for the World Premiere of our new work, Grub, featuring Video Animation by Miwa Matreyek, Costumes by Paloma Soledad and Celeste Sipes, Lighting by Malina Rodriguez, Original Music/Video Design/Video Effects by Phillip Kraft, Choreography by Angelle Hebert, and Performed by Gina Frabotta (pictured above), Elizabeth Grossberg, Lee Kyle (pictured above), Melissa Murray, Celeste Olivares, and Noel Plemmons.

The copy from On the Boards:

“tEEth is quickly gaining recognition in the Northwest for their sensory-rich amalgamations of contemporary dance and performance art. Led by Angelle Hebert and Phillip Kraft, the Portland-based ensemble returns to Seattle with a brand new work integrating idiosyncratic movement, sociology, original live music, industrial costumes and video-driven elements.”

ten tiny green fairy teeth

Here’s a last minute event that could make for one really grand evening of entertainment, food, drink and community. I got an e-mail from tEEth about an upcoming performance of theirs at Clyde Common.

ten tiny dances upcoming events
Sunday April 6, 2008 @ 6:30 PM
Clyde Common, Portland, OR
One of Portland’s most interesting restaurants, Clyde Common, is the site for the 15th edition of Portland’s favorite mini dance festival. Join choreographers Mike Barber, Cydney Wilkes, Lane Hunter, Anne Egan, Lauren Edson, Jim McGinn, Lizzie Carr, Rachel Fachner, and groups Key Turn Project, and Wooley mammoth Comes to Dinner for an evening of food, fun, and good dance. Doors open at 6:30, show begins at 7:30. A different dance every 15 minutes. Food and drink available. Advance purchase tickets guarantees best seating. Seating held until 7:30 PM.

Guaranteed seating is sold out, but there will be seating available at the door; so you should go camp out now so that you’ve got your seats.

Now, Clyde Common has great food … and they serve absinthe. Yes, real absinthe. In Portland. Legally. So while you’re camping, I personally suggest going for the Lucid absinthe of the two they had when I went. And, follow that up with a Chrysanthemum. And, the nettle tagliatelle was quite good.

Horrified and turned on by normal and happy teeth

Tonight I was invited by a friend I met several years ago at a Theatre of the Oppressed Facilitator Training to go see a show. She’s a great artist that seems involved in a lot of things as well as being a person who is surprisingly well educated. So, you know, it was cool to catch a show she recommended.

The show was part of Reed’s Arts Week and was a work by a local Portland troupe tEEth [also,also]. They presented a work called “Normal and Happy“. You can see some video and pictures of a performance online.

I was horrified. Then, I was turned on. Then, I was horrified that I was turned on. Then, I was turned on that I was horrified.


It was a complete journey with dance, visual and music elements combined to make a wild show. I kept trying to describe the show to myself as I was watching and ended up by the end with: Clive Barker’s THX Erotic Butoh Gothic Stomp Baraka: A Space Altered States Odyssey.