It just occurred to me that I have not gotten bent out of shape or overly stressed about the fact that I lost that ring, even though it’s something that was absolutely unique in the world. I haven’t taken it as a sign of anything, nor have I been grumpy or angry about having lost it.

I spent some time hanging out with Joey this afternoon. On the way back, along the freeway, there was a pretty big hawk perched along a fence. It was a pretty bird to see.

Last night, before rehearsal, since I was a little early but didn’t have time enough to make it all the way back home before, I decided that I needed to go on a walk. However, I went in to the theatre to see if anyone there wanted to go with me. One of the guys of the two new Battle Ground people went with me. Turns out that he lives north of Hazen chapel, and when I was going to school there I lived south of the same place, a few football fields away. Further, when I started to think about it, I wondered if he was in school at Yacolt when I was in high school. Anyhow, I used to ride the bus home from the high school, but stay on the bus through the entire matching elementary route and sleep. When I was doing plays I didn’t get much sleep at night, so I caught some on the bus, at least partially because the low rumble of the engine was soothing to me. So, turns out that this guy in the cast remembers a high school kid that used to sleep on the bus when he rode the bus during 1st grade.

Tonight, I was again complemented by several people for the work I was doing. The other night, one person was evaluating something I had done and said that she thought I had an easy time of turning off the brain and just doing the work, which surprised me. Turning off the brain had always been the thing that I had the most trouble doing before.

I was sparked by something Mike Cheney had said about us two dressing up as hunters. I ended up with this idea for the prologue, which I don’t know if will be used. Anyhow, I wrote it up and got to share it with Don today. Mike seemed to like it, and I got some chuckles out of Don. Well, even if it doesn’t get used it was still worth it to have done.

I also talked to Don about the process for petitioning for the degree from Longview. I’m going to need some transcripts from Seattle Central, and then have a person in admissions evaluate the work I’d done and go from there. Anyhow, turns out he’s on the committee that makes those decisions still, once the admissions people give it a go ahead.