Okay, this stuff is just damned spooky. Of the list of 11 symptoms which indicate depression, I have had all of them, and have most of them right now. Plus, I have all the physical symptoms mentioned also. I guess the only symptom that I can say I haven’t had consistently is the thoughts about death, if that means thoughts of doing something to myself.

“1. Depressed mood most of the day (nearly everyday)
2. Markedly diminished interest in daily activities
3. Significant weight loss or gain
4. Insomnia or excessive sleeping.
5. Agitation or slowing of purposeful movements
6. Fatigue-probably the most common symptom of depression
7. Feelings of worthlessness
8. Diminished ability to think
9. Recurrent thoughts of death
10. Reduced sex drive
11. Inability to enjoy activities that have always been fun in the past”

People with depression “may have numerous other physical symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, sleep disturbances, low sex drive, abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome or headaches.”

And this struck me: “When people become depressed there is a tendency to blame the depression on a present or past event in life. They will say they are depressed because they lost their job, or they are going through a divorce. Most people fail to realize that the reason they lost their job, or are having marital problems, is because of the depression that occurred initially. A spouse with a low sex drive, inability to enjoy life, irritability, and constant fatigue is not much fun to be around.”

Quotes are from this source