signs will show

signs show the sun casts no solstice shadow
what the cold cape of winter now reveals
a love bed of rose like stars glimmer through
hidden in folds of threadbare velvet night
the contrails from her solar chariot
drawn by lions to the hazy horizon
like looking at floating feathers dancing
riddles me sleepy memories full of dreams
we are both angels in love with the sky
she soars high but I am bound to the ground
while watching her enter heaven flying
to that lingering look back in my mind
inceasantly whisper “I love you”

the wait for her return is so very long
though I know she has only barely gone

her hair like silent stars too far from here
I miss her kisses and arms around me
the mist after midnight slides in to hide
trees snap fingers wiggle to the rhythm
rain weaving a tapestry of echo
as the wind throws pine cones hailing down
the first snowfall filters through nearby trees
she spreads her silken rainbow faerie wings
to the station of the sun in the south
I climb steep trails to the highest peak
to the tower of winter in the north
just to get a last chance distant glimpse of her
better a chance than all the warmth at all

the sun is shining through the trees and snow
with longer days I’ll see her soon I know