The promise

Don’t mythologize me. Remember that I am human. I accept myself, good and bad, success and failure. I believe in myself and my ability to succeed and overcome failures. I know that your mistakes are not you and that I love you in part because of your ability to make mistakes but remain on the path of personal progress without getting disturbed by disappointment for too long. More than anyone else, you are the person I would choose to play, mourn and live with. I want to constantly learn with and from you as you develop constantly into the person you are becoming. As I become the person I will be, I wish your company also. With you, I am not ashamed of my failures, but still wish to be my best, becoming self.

I trust you implicitly and have perfect love and trust in you that you will make the best choices you can make. I implicitly trust you to make choices and decisions when necessary. I accept your leadership and your guidance and expertise without the need to compete with you when it is my turn to act as leader. I have unshakable care and respect for you even when that means discomfort or pain for myself.

I desire to be part of a great team with you more than with anyone else or alone. I feel that together we are more than each of us individually or would be in combination with anyone else. I am a better, stronger, more connected person because you are in my life. I am a complete person on my own, but you complement me in ways that no one else ever has before. I wish to be with you, without hesitation and together accomplish what I could not have alone. Together we are more than the sum of ourselves because we are always becoming more that who we were. I am committed to being ready, being and constantly becoming my best and fullest self. I promise to be led by my mind and heart to stand for what is true and right. I promise to live fully and participate boldly in the constant process of transforming my world into a more peaceful, compassionate and loving place.

(Heavily influenced and inspired by “Boldly Live As You’ve Never Lived Before” by Richard Raben and Hiyaguha Cohen)