The Fightin’ Whites

An article that talks about CafePress, which I was reading for other
reasons entirely (on-demand book publishing they will be introducing
soon), mentioned the Fightin’ Whites, which I thought was fun in
relation to our focus last quarter.

“A Native American college intramural basketball team called the
Fightin’ Whites raised a similar amount for its line of products. In an
attempt to point to racist tendencies in U.S. popular culture, the
organization has used the proceeds from its logo-laden items to
establish a scholarship fund.”

Here’s the link to their products:

This is especially interesting in relation to the AF logo’d t-shirt “Two
Wongs can make it white” about a fictitious chinese laundry. Okay, so I
just realized that I think one’s cool and the other’s not and I’m
wondering about that. So I started doing some searching for links on the

Here’s a link to a PDF document that actually talks about both that I
just found:

Click to access LKamerKamerGroupTShirtandValues.pdf

Here’s a related article in the seattle PI about the AF shirt: