two links that got talked about in small group

I wanted to share with you two links that were relevant to conversations
that happened in a combined small group discussion yesterday.

First, I had found and forwarded a spiffy site of linked poetry. It’s a
Labyrinth where many of the words in each poem are linked to other
poems. There’s items from modern poets like Ani Difranco, Judy Grahn and
ancient works like fragments from The Decent of Inanna which is many
thousand years.

The Maze of Murdered Poems

Specifically, there’s this one page of Judy Grahn which really hits me
in relation to the thread about Love we’ve had in e-mail:

And on the topic of Inanna, summerian goddess (also called Ishtar,
Astarte …) was imported to Europe as Oestre (from where we derive the
name mistakenly labelled “christian” Easter) and the word East.

There’s a beautiful tale of Ishtar and Enki where Enki, her grandfather,
gives her all the divine powers of civilization. At the end of the tale,
the really awesome part is that when she unpacks those powers from her
boat there are more of them than she had been given, so by bringing
together all these diverse powers they synergistically multiplied and
are stronger than they were when held apart away from each other.

Inanna and the God of Wisdom