Robin’s systems thinking resources

I have been gathering resources for Systems thinking,
and here is my in-progress incomplete list thus far.
Many of the book I have not yet read, and am in the
process of getting either through the library or by
sitting in the bookstore and reading them ;-).
Please look at the website and books if they interest

Ecology of the Mind

Mental Model Musings


Centre for Systems Studies

International Institute for General Systems Studies

Centre for Partnership Studies

Human Systems Dynamics Institute

The International Institute for Applied Systems

International Society for the Systems Science

-Birth of the Chaordic Age by Dee W. Hock

-A Simpler Way by Margaret J. Wheatley, Myron

-Billibonk and the Big Itch by Phil Ramsey, Robin.
Mazo (this is a childrens book, supposedly about
systems thinking)

-Principles of Systems by Jay Wright Forrester (Senge
based many of his ideas on Forrester)

-The Systems View of the World: A Holistic Vision for
Our Time (Advances in Systems Theory, Complexity, and
the Human Sciences) by Ervin Laszlo

-Small Worlds by Duncan J. Watts

-Emergence by Steven Johnson (about alignment)

-The Art of Systems Thinking by Joseph O’Connor, Ian

-Systems Thinking by Jamshid Gharajedaghi

-Calling the Circle by Christina Baldwin, Colleen M.
Kelley (about dialogue circles)