what the #$*! do we know!?

There’s this film you may have seen posters for around
campus … and it’s being billed on its own website as
a film for the cultural creatives, and it could be a
much more accessible (but at a cost, I think) intro to
the ideas of films like mindwalk. However, it’s still
interesting and I think it might be a great first film
in a palod program. If you see it, you should let
everyone else know what you thought.

I feel it necessary to post a warning. I felt a little
misled when I saw this film in Yelm. Afterwords, I
realized why it was showing in Yelm. One of the people
interviewed in the film is Ramtha. I still think it’s
worth checking out. Marlee Matlin is a great actress,
and Armin Shimerman does a brief cameo in what I
thought was an important point. (He’s got a great
voice!) So, fair notice to you, which I didn’t have. I
think the movie is worth checking out.

Okay, so I just noticed that this film is showing at
the capital cinema this week. It’s this sun at 4pm and
9pm, mon at 6:30, tue 9pm, wed 6:30pm, thurs 9pm.

After that it will be showing in Tacoma at the Grand
Cinema, if you miss it in Oly and still want to see

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