Guruphiliac: Amma: A Two-Faced Mommy?

This blog was linked on “BoingBoing”. Not this article, but another one. Anyhow, I noticed this posting about Amma.

I met Amma once. It was an interesting experience. There was, perhaps still is, a group that did weekly chant session in Olympia. I knew someone that knew someone that invited the someone I knew to go see Amma. So the someone I knew that was invited invited me too.

I got two necklaces to be blessed, and got into line with everyone. We were all kneeling in line, moving slowly forward. As I finally reached the end of the line, I handed my necklaces to be passed to Amma through an intermediary, and leaned in to get my hug. Somehow, I got planted pretty much with my face in her breasts … oops. Amma definitely had a distinctive smell. I took this to be the smell of rose and milk in which she is said to bathe. Her breasts were copious and soft, as far as I could tell.

I found myself crying a bit. There’s a kind of archetypal feeling of being mothered which I chose to think of Amma fulfilling, a representation of a universal mother. I found myself with definite emotional response. Well, it was an experience, to be sure. I was tempted to attempt attending more of the chanting session, but didn’t. I was not tempted to stay connected with Amma.