The Democratic Party

“There’s a war on terrorism going on in this world, and we are a part of it, and I agree that we need to fight them over there before they get here. The problem is, the place that we need to fight those people are in Afghanistan, hiding over the border in Pakistan. The Iranians, who sponsor state terrorism, these are our enemies. And these are folks that are not being paid the kind of attention to that need to be paid attention to while 138,000 brave American men and women are pinned down in Iraq because of a gross error in judgment by this administration.”

So this boggles me. Now, Dean is saying that the administration isn’t going far enough on the plan that the PNAC outlined? So, the administration isn’t going far enough on the crazy plan they outlined and wish they could trigger, according to Dean.

The thing is that the military-industrial-oil complex wins either way. Whether it’s direct militarization or the militarization build-up around security, or the way that the future is inevitably going to include violence in response to the complex system of pain and anguish that the US has helped along with a great big push – there’s job security for the capitalists.

And now, Dean appears to be pushing for exactly one of the goals of the PNAC, a multi-front war in the middle east. Driven by the need to molify the mythic and coersive archetypal patriot, it’s a cycle of violence and empire that no one seems to be able to change. Actions merely seem to perpetuate the problem, not address the system that enacts the problem itself.