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Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have enlisted Chow Yun-fat for Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Variety reported. Chow will play Capt. Sao Feng, a notorious pirate who plays a major role in the second sequel to 2003’s Disney blockbuster, the trade paper reported.

It is the Hong Kong native’s first English-language role since 2003’s Bulletproof Monk.

Pirates 2 and 3 are shooting back to back, with production scheduled through January.

I think it’s great that he is being cast, but sad that it’s for this. He is a great actor and has been cast in some films that are … well, good but bad at the same time. When I heard that Chow was cast in part 3, I wondered what the heck happened to part 2, but now I know that too.

Bullet-Proof Monk had a great deal of potential. I don’t think that it followed through. For films from Holywood, I think the last thing that Chow was in that delivered for me was The Replacement Killers. I watched Chows entrance scene over and over, it was entrancingly good. Sure, maybe the rest of the movie didn’t live up to that first scene, but what a scene! That scene alone justified the entire rest of the movie for me. It’s on par with the first segment of The Professional for me, although The Professional delivers consistently through the entire film – an astounding work that is a standard to which others just shouldn’t be compared in fairness.