Harry Profit

Via The Economist, “Harry Potter and the all-too-rare windfall

“Scholastic, the book’s American publisher, has set a print run of 10.8m, almost equivalent to the total sales in the country so far for volume five.”

Just like last time, the numbers for this book are going to be insane in comparison to the previous book, and make other books cower in fear and shame. The article goes on to point out something that I’ve forgotten. There’s only one more book after this one.

Then it’s on to re-prints and who knows what. No doubt, although Rowling is not going to keep on with Harry Potter books, that something else will come from her pen. Can she do it again? How far will she wander to find another book idea, which I would think she might already have. After all, with a clear timeline, one would likely not help but speculate on the next thing.

Than again, planning for the future is often the thing that gets missed.