Via The Olympian, “Second university considers Olympia

“Officials from Antioch University visited twice in the spring and again on Thursday. The Ohio-based liberal arts school has a campus in Seattle and has launched a market study in Olympia to find out whether there’s enough demand for a branch here, how large that branch might be and what programs it might offer.”

That’s the first I’ve heard of that, but very interesting. The article talks about the potential for two new branch campuses in Olympia. I’ve also noticed the UW advertising the Tacoma campus on a billboard on Harrison.

Evergreen is supposed to increase enrollment by 1000, which adds to the 4500ish already. That’s a significant increase, especially when connected to any competition in town. However, Antioch would likely be primarily a graduate school. I think that would be a great addition to the city. Evergreen has been struggling over the addition of a business program and I seem to recall that they have had alumni promise money for an MFA program. Both the MFA and the business program, from what I understand, have significant resistance from some of the faculty.