“Open the pod bay doors, Hal.” – “I’m sorry. I can’t do that, Dave.”

Via Daring Fireball, “Is That a Podcast in Your Pocket?“:

“Devising and using a new term for ‘podcasting’ that doesn’t use ‘pod’. Good luck with that, considering that everyone — everyone — who is publishing podcasts is already calling them ‘podcasts’.

[Update: According to this story in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Microsoft employees are pushing ‘blogcasting’ as a ‘pod’-free alternative.]”

What about “enclosures” for that name? That’s the actual tag in RSS, I think. And, the enclosures are part of blogs themselves, or at least within feeds.

Then again, there’s the Firefly “wave” thing … that could be used to mean anything that is sent. Why have specific names for each type? I want it to be agnostic so that no one gets stuck thinking the only thing that can be send is an audio file, or just audio and pdf, or whatever. It’s an all around mechanism.

Also, I’d rather see that everyone adopt bittorrent links instead of actual files enclosed. Also, I’d like to see enclosures treated like mime parts under IMAP, where each can be downloaded independently, not required as in attachments under POP.

Update: yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking. files aren’t included in the feed, links are enclosed which can be used to get to files.