parking garage

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It was intended to be a pay lot:

“Mr. Hall noted projects not included in the draft CFP include a downtown parking garage. He indicated he has heard a request from Councilmembers to add this back on the list of projects included. He stated last year the parking garage was in the CFP and showed funding from parking revenues; however, that won’t be enough to pay for the entire garage. ”

So, in order for it to be competative, the free parking dowtown would likely have to go. That’s a horrible way to make downtown more friendly.


Idea to consolidate the greyhound station with the transit station, possibly use the greyhound lot for a community garage, but the building has a design that some wish to have protected.

Intersting historically defeated garage:

“1950: Local conservationist Margaret McKenny galvanizes the community to oppose construction of a parking garage on the site of Sylvester Park”


The port commission is also talking about a garage, but the important point is: Hockey in Olympia?!

Tuckman owns rights to minor league basketball and hockey teams that would play in the arena and has proposed a covered public ice rink as part of the project.

“This would be too big a deal for us to be making business judgments on without all the research,” Pottle said. “It’s easy to dream and have visions, but it’s more difficult to bring pieces together to make the jigsaw puzzle work.”

Commissioners are considering how the port might support such a project with road improvements or a parking garage.