discussion with city staff, etc …

There is a scheduled discussion for candidates with city staff from 10am to 12pm monday (the 22nd) in Olympia.

I wonder how many public restrooms the city thinks it has.

I wonder about the repair rate for parking meters. (In one city the repair rate is multiple times a DAY!)

I wonder how many times, if any the Hyer has voted against the majority, and in what cases, and how many recusals. Has he ever voted against something that came from the ODA. His website “issues” are almost verbatim copies of the CC goals.

I wonder if the city knows what the ODA plan for the parking garage is.

What percentage of the BID land is already controlled by ODA “partisans”

If the Leg and the Port are both talking about adding parking, and private developers are willing to add parking to new buildings, where does that leave a garage?

Why do the census estimates of 300 new people not match the 30 year projection of doubled population?

What plans are in place for providing food and necessities to Oly residents if the price of gas goes up to $5/gallon? Local “victory gardens” might be an answer. How much of the Oly food comes from further than 100 miles?

I wish I had a treasurer (and treasure?), and a staff of researchers. ;)

We need copies of the BID proposal, and the parking proposal (if there is a separate one), and I’d like a copy of:

“East Downtown Development Plan”
and “Olympia Downtown Streetscape Strategy”

I’ve rcv’d a questionnaire form the Christian Coalition of Washington. The questions are all intellectual traps where they want an “for/against/undecided” when a paragraph of context is needed to respond actually.