A perfect (political) storm: Rice vs Clinton

So, with all the indictments potentially coming in the next few days, there may be a wide swath cut through the Bush administration with Cheney, Rove and Libby, to name just a few of the rumoured 20 files that Special prosecutor Fitzgerald is holding.

According to several alerts showing up around the web, including Politicalwire, there’s rumbles that Cheney is set to resign if indicted and that Condi Rice is being eyed for his replacement. That’s a black woman as the VP in a republican administration.

Politicalwire notes that would set Rice up for a run in 2008 for the presidential campaign as a Republican, and that the good ole boys are gearing up to fend her off at the gates.

Well, guess who else has been raising way more money that she needs for her current re-election campaign? Yes, Hillary Clinton.

Here’s the perfect storm that could result in the presidential candidates from both major parties to be women.

I can’t imagine that the Republican party would not explode under the pressure of fighting the legacy of an administration with the appearance of significant impropriety and the wild crazy that would come for the good ole boys trying to tip-toe around racist mysogynism against their own candidate while trying to face down Hillary at the same time.

It would be an epic political campaign with massive mobilization and, I suspect unheard of levels of participation from all quarters pro and con, if the perfect storm came to pass that Hillary and Rice were to face-off on a national level.

If Cheney steps down and Rice is elevated, look for insanity to take hold and build like nothing I’ve seen in my lifetime, and watch for the perfect storm on the horizon!