Canongate’s Myths series gets two new titles.

Quite some time ago, I ran across something about a series of books that would be re-interpretations of classical myths by modern authors. The first of these books would be Margaret Atwood re-interpreting the Homer’s Odyssey from the viewpoint of Penelope. Turns out, while I wasn’t paying attention, The Penelopiad was published.

Not only that, but the second in the series was published and I’m even more excited about this entry into the series. Jeanette Winterson is the author of Weight which is about Hercules and Atlas. Atlas appears in some of her other works, so that’s interesting.

I had not heard of Winterson before I saw a stage adaptation of some of her work done by a former PALOD colleague done at a series of plays by students at Evergreen. It was very moving and well done, and so I was interested in finding out more about Winterson’s work. Now, I have even more reason.

The publisher has a page about the series. Apparently the next two are about Theseus and Sampson. I hope these live up to the excitement I get when thinking about them. This series is a great opportunity to re-connect with the massive store of metaphor and theme that exist in the world’s cultural heritage, and of which the post-modern world seems only marginally conscious.