Whitewash City

Last night, I ran across this papercraft model of a wild west city, which can be used for multiple games. Whitewash City looks pretty wild, and sounds interesting. There is a game by the maker of the model city called Gold Town which is a non-violent game set in the wild west. Looking at this, I feel a big desire to get them all. I’ve always had a thing for little villages.

There’s a good gallery picture which shows the whole city laid out for a game.

I was doing some additional searching an ran across a pretty awesome and complex model of a sailing ship and a model of a tropical island. These two remind me of World of Warcraft, in style, color and theme.

Apparently, there a papercraft theme going on right now for me.

Via Drawn! The Illustration Blog, this morning there’s some funky cubist robot papercraft things: “Readymech Flatpack Toys

I get the feeling that this papercraft model stuff is a bit like the model chic surrounding Games Workshop games, but blissfully cheaper to do.