Something about fast cars today …

For some reason today is the day for finding things about fast cars.

First, I ran into a posting about a movie from the 70s which is a 10 minute long insane run through Paris. There’s no chase car, but it’s definitely a chase to remember. There’s a point in there where I thought I was getting bored, but it picks up as the roads get more narrow.

I had to click around to find the video, but here’s a link to the page with a quicktime: Ferrari en Paris

There’s an article about this movie on Wikipedia: C’était un rendez-vous

I’d love to see the paris run on the big screen. A game system with HDTV output should have a racing game this good. I’d love to see the touch of scattering birds off the road in a video game.

I love the chase scene in Ronin, and I wonder how many case scenes have consciously been an answer to this 10 minute film?

Then, for some reason it’s today’s theme. I ran into a posting about a video of a Lotus Exige vs an Apache helicopter. I thought that the video was going to be a race, but it’s actually that the Apache is trying to get a missle lock on the Lotus while it races around the track.

On Google Video: Top Gear – Lotus Exige

The guy is pretty over the top about the car. He’s squealing, practically, as he talks about the way the car provides consistent power through two cam shafts controlled by computer. Which is funny because I was so busy being amused about his reaction that it took me a while to realize the car has two cam shafts controlled by computer. That’s pretty wild.

Not quite a trifecta, but the day is still young.