Own a scandal? You forgot to diversify.

Via Democratic National Committee: Blog, “Republicans Own Abramoff Scandal“:

“Despite the best attempts of the Republican Party and their good friends at the Washington Times, the Jack Abramoff scandal is owned, ‘lock, stock, and barrel’ by the GOP. Jack Abramoff has never ever, not one single time, given even a penny to a Democrat. Period.”

So many comments are being made about this. The thing that keeps coming to my mind is that they won’t make that mistake again. They’ll spread the blame and the money merely as a preventative measure, for tactical reasons. On one level it’s surprising that there wasn’t a defensive measure to mask the partisanship of the money, but maybe that’s a measure of the expectation of immunity from scrutiny. I doubt it will happen cleanly along party lines ever again, but I find myself doubting that it won’t happen again.