Kudos to the Tacoma News Tribune

Yeah, not so much for their editorial slant, really, but they have very prominently placed a great number of direct RSS feeds. Wish the Olympian was as good in that regard, but at least, and certainly not ideal, the Olympian is a source for Google news, so one can search past articles. For example, try this search: Katherine Tam articles, sorted by date, and maybe subscribe to it as either RSS/Atom or via an e-mail alert. It’s also too bad that old articles have to be purchased to get access online at the Olympian, but that’s another complaint.

Of course, now that I look at them, I would be much happier about the News Tribune’s RSS feeds if they were full text, so let me revise and offer muted kudos, which is better than none, I suppose.

On the other hand, they are specifically friendly about blogs on that page:

We encourage the use of thenewstribune.com RSS feeds for personal use in a news reader or as part of a non-commercial Web site or blog.

This is especially important in relation to some other papers that might be pursuing an institutional policy against bloggers:

The reason The Washington Post is on the attack is that they see their influence waning and are desperate to tear down the credibility of the blogosphere.