Random Google Videos

Random videos from Google Video is the new “random word from the dictionary” game:

Exploding Whale from 1970

A great example of how not to clean a carcass from the beach. Was this the inspiration for the explosion scenes in Tremors?

Matrix Ping Pong

If Kabuki was this good, more people would watch it. Great, live action forced perspectives and low-tech special effects.

Giant lizard attacks screaming japanese girls

No, it’s actually, apparently, a game show … but “The Studio is in a panic!”

david belle & parkour

There’s a whole ton of parkour videos. Here’s one that is pretty poor quality, but it’s long and had a lot of demonstrations. Check out that climing wall starting at 2:40. I once found that Puma made a special Parkour shoe, but it was only available outside the US. Evergreen should have a varisty parkour team. This one from Latvia has some good stunts (should I call them that?) and is artistically done with build, climax and a conclusion.