Multi-Touch Interaction Research

Via Digg, “Multi-Touch Interaction Research“:

Bi-manual, multi-point, and multi-user interactions on a graphical interaction surface.

This is a very cool demo. Reminds me a little bit of the music demo I saw a while ago, but I can’t seem to find where I saved the link, for an interface to create music on a lighted board. There’s a great video of several practical demos. The note about future work including the wish to be able to identify which fingers are touching suggest even cooler things ahead.

The demo video really put into my mind all the imaginary interfaces to virtual space in movies, especially, in Johnny Mnemonic. My understanding, say what one might about Keanu Reaves, that he improvised his movements in the scene where he manipulates a virtual space and that is what I find myself thinking about when I see the video.

To have a 36 x 27 inch “drafting table sytle implementation” workspace on which one could work is another great aspect of this demo.

Update: I found the link to the other demo. The first 1/2 is a technical demo, the second is a performance.