One poll President Bush is winning

Interestingly, as I turned on the TV this morning, the question being asked on Family Feud was: “Who has the biggest ego in America?”

Let us just set aside the fact that it should have been “… in the US?” shall we, for now? This is almost a tabloid wish-list.

The survey says:

President Bush


Donald Trump


Tom Cruise


Bill Clinton


Paris Hilton


Simon Cowell


In fact, President Bush wins this one by a landslide, with only Donald Trump having more than honorable mention.

On a more serious note, this points out something important to me about President Bush’s actual approval rating. He may be under 50%, but if the other 50% are all over the map then he’s still on solid ground. What matters more is whether the other 50% have some kind of coordinating consensus. Otherwise, it’s just a long tail of fringe notions that do not really pose any opposition to be worried about.

But, there’s another interesting point about this. The first family guessed President Bush, the number one answer, first. Then they were unable to get any other answer. They thought of President Bush and could not think of anyone else with a big ego in the US. That’s something there.