Zhonka is the new OlyWa

On a lark, I checked Zhonka’s website and learned something I did not realize:

Founded and managed by experienced Internet pioneers from OlyWa.net …

I had mentioned OlyWA in previous posting in relation to smaller ISPs being purchased by telecoms, in this case OlyWa purchased by ATG. So, now it turns out that at least some of the OlyWa people have moved on. Also, the OlyWa website now goes to a 404 at ATG/Eschelon.

It’s interesting to go back and check on old players. I used to check every once in a while on old players like Spry and others, but slowed down when things got boring. However, here’s proof that there’s still some entertainment to be had in spotting the changes to the old guard.

As an aside, I notice that on the bottom of the Zhonka page is the following:

“As per RCW 19.190.40, it is a punishable offense to send unsolicited e-mail to Washington state addresses.”

Which is a statement that I find specific to a certain generation of Internet savvy people in Washington state. It’s something I added to the bottom of my page back in the day, and still retain there.