Anti-Globalization is not anti-globalization

Anti-Globalization movement is to supporters of Globalization what anti-federalists were to the federalists. Which is a s much to say that things are not what they seem.

The anti-Globalization movement is one which is a populist opposition to supporters of Globalization. This is much the same as the anti-federalists were a populist opposition to the federalists. Both the anti-Globalization movement and the anti-federalists consist of a broad, and fractious coalition of interests that align against the narrow economic interests of their opposition.

However, the anti-federalists were actually federalists; the federalists actually nationalists. Further, the anti-Globalization movement is a global and globalization movement; the supporters of Globalization are actually supporters of an elite capitalist concentration of wealth.

If it were not for the loose coalition grouped under the term “anti-federalists” we would not have a Bill of Rights. It is likely that the anti-Globalization movement will have a similar place in history.