PLAN for victory on the chess board

Via Daily Kos, “PLAN“:

“PLAN, or the Progressive Legislative Action Network, has launched. This outfit is being driven in large part by David Sirota and Nathan Newman and is meant to be a legislation incumbator for the states. PLAN’s mission:
Fighting the Conservative Machine. For thirty years, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) – a right-wing think tank and legislative network backed by America’s most powerful special interests -has spoon-fed corporate-written, fill-in-the-blanks legislation to conservative legislators interested in carrying water for America’s most notorious companies, like Exxon and Philip Morris. ALEC has been largely unimpeded in its efforts and needs to be stopped.”

This news about PLAN confronting ALEC reminds me of something I heard recently. Apparently, there’s a group going head-to-head with the ALCU, on the case over the ban on partial birth abortion, called the ACLJ, which clearly indicates an intent to position a group in opposition. This seems like the early moves in a chess game where each side takes positions to block the other …

Are these moves the opening gambit in a game that will result in an actual division between the factions of the corporate parties? There’s always hope.